This weekend is stressful, not because of all the crap things I have to do, but because of all the good and exciting things I’m overwhelmed with.  I’ve been having a tough time with work, mental health, uni, home life, and just about everything else, and while I’ve achieved a lot and resolved many of those problems, I just need a rest.

And so I’m missing Winchester Science Festival, which provided the perfect birthday weekend last year.  I’ve spent the last two weeks moving house, chasing deadlines, and spending money that I don’t have.  So while I know I would have the Best Time Ever, I know I’d end up paying for it.  And so I’ll be spending the weekend up North.  But like all fun-filled weekends, I still have too much to do.

I’ve been invited to a play, two board game nights, and it’s ComicCon 2015!  All this without even leaving the city.

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