Some friends of mine have a project running on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW (it ends on 23rd Feb 2016), and I thought I’d publicise it here, as it’s so close to reaching its target, and more importantly, it’s bloody brilliant and needs to happen!

This is the total today, 14th Feb 2016 at 16.11:


Only £346 to go!!!!!!!!

It’s a book of sceptical and political cartoons, challenging irrational beliefs and conventions.  It’s almost guaranteed that there will be something in there to offend everyone, but don’t worry – you have the right to be offended as long as others have the right to offend!  And that’s kind of the point.  When people cling to dogmatic beliefs, there is no space for critical thought, and we end up moralising based on emotion rather than rationality.  thINK is designed to make you do just that – think about why people believe what they do, and expose dodgy ideas for what they are.  And what better weapon to do it with than humour?  They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but a sharp wit is the most incisive.

You can support the project here:

“thINK – a book of incendiary cartoon scepticism”

It’s a worthy project in its own right, but as with most kickstarter projects, there are some awesome goodies available for those who contribute!

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