I was discussing relationships with a good friend of mine (let’s face it, we were having a good old gossip), and we spoke about the concept of “The One”. My friend asked me if I thought there was such a thing, and my answer was…. Sort Of.

You see, I think that there are many possible Ones. I’m currently with someone who I think qualifies for that title, and I’ve gone out with people who I previously thought were The One. Maybe if things had worked out differently I might still have been with one of them now. But life isn’t a fairytale, and it doesn’t make our feelings any less real or valid, or some relationships worth more than others.

I’m in love now, and I was in love before. There’s no mystical secret behind finding love, and we’re only predestined in that our past experiences and upbringing shape our future lives. Most people end up with somebody (or somebodies) similar to them, and statistically speaking, there are thousands of people similar to me, and the same goes for you. Out of those there might be hundreds who are truly special in some way. And one of those, for me, was there in the right place at the right time. It’s not fate; it’s probability.

Tim Minchin expresses the concept far more eloquently than I, in the song “If I Didn’t Have You”:

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