“Hurrah! Finally a post about something interesting!” I hear you cry.  Well, steady on because there is a serious point to this one (booooooo!).

For some reason there’s a bit of an odd dichotomy between things that can be said in the workplace, and things that can be said in the workplace in front of delicate ladies.

I find this, frankly,  hilarious.

Watching people stop mid-sentence and dance around what they were actually going to say before they caught themselves provides me with a perverse pleasure. And I suppose I am a little bit offended that people think they can’t be themselves around me, or even that women are so appalled by filthy language that they have to censor themselves for our benefit.

A couple of great examples spring to mind.  I was inspecting a site, and a joiner was in the corner of a room I had just walked into, talking to someone just beyond the doorway on the other side of the room.  He was effing and jeffing in spectacular fashion, and then he noticed me behind him, stopped talking and apologised.  I said “no, say what you like, mate”, and he said “I f*cking well will, then!”.  In that instant, he gained a whole lot of respect from me.

Another, in a meeting, someone paused what they were saying to just check that it was ok to swear in front of me (???).  I said, “Yeah” and the person sat next to me said “You should have said ‘F*ck, yeah!”.  Tee hee.

And the person who sits behind me at work has the sickest, dirtiest mind I ever thought i could imagine (apart from my own, of course).  This is bloody brilliant.  Hours of entertainment.  Keep it up!  Even try and out-do yourselves! Really, I have such a high offence threshold I consider this a challenge.

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