I do enjoy a nice bit of spam.  No, not the chopped-pork-and-ham-cardiac-arrest-in-a-can-type (although it is rather good).  The type I get in the comments to this blog.  About half of one percent of the commenters on this site are genuine, and the rest are just headed straight for the trash.  It’s annoying, but just a part of having a blog that is open to comments.

Sometimes when I’m filtering through them, I find something interesting.  Here’s a recent one:

“Yes! Finally someone writes about celioenterotomies.”

Well, they seem pretty excited about it, so let’s find out what that word actually means (see, I’m learning something!).  According to The Free Dictionary, it’s an incision though the abdominal wall into the intestine.  Glad we cleared that one up.  And glad someone is finally writing about it.  Finally!

(not me, though)

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