Wow, this was a fun evening!  As detailed in my last post, our favourite venue for pub talks recently closed down, and I discovered this… when I turned up to host our latest talk.  Uh-oh.  There were about 10 people already there before me, which at least shows that people are enthusiastic about it as I was 30 minutes early.

How I felt last Monday
This was me last Monday

So I did the natural thing… and panicked.  But then I composed myself and stepped into the role of ‘fixer’.  I’m used to working to short deadlines but this was a bit too short notice.  However, I do love a challenge, and it was that or stand in the rain.

First thing: I tweeted and posted on Facebook about our predicament.  This did need some updating with an actual plan rather than just leaving it at “we have no pub”, but I did get on to that eventually.  I then emailed our speakers and made sure they knew what was going on – kinda important.  I waited with those who had already arrived for about 15 minutes in case we got any more early birds turning up, and during that time I thought about where we could go.  I’d heard about another nearby place with a good reputation, so I thought I’d give it a go.  At least it was indoors.

Adventures in Twitter Land
From crisis to victory in under ten minutes. I am probably unstoppable.
Upon arrival, I was impressed. It was a nice traditional place that does a big selection of ales, and food too. I explained my predicament to the bar worker, who said, “You need a pub, eh? We can do you one better”. They offered us the conference room upstairs. And so we used their huge meeting space, with its comfy sofas and tables with room for presentation equipment, and enjoyed many a pint while doing so.I did have to text, tweet and email frantically all the while this was happening, but once the word was out that we’d found a new venue, I could relax and join the audience. I was even composed enough to introduce the talks and maintain a (very) thin veneer of professionalism.

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