Hey y’all!  I’m catching up on posts and what-not, but while I’m working on that, I can post something quickly right now; to promote my fundraising for Mind.

Here’s the link to my Virgin Money Giving page, with more info about what I’m doing, and details of crazy challenges I’m taking part in in addition to the run, to act as an incentive for donations.  I will, of course, be posting my exploits online….

Also, here is some more info on the Great Manchester Run.  It’s an annual 10K event, and this year it takes place on Sunday 22nd May. You can run for charity, by yourself, with your colleagues, and there’s stuff for people of all ages.  Oh, and it’s on the telly!

And, of course, Mind do a lot of important, useful, and relevant work.  Maybe you don’t know much about them, which is understandable if you’ve never been affected by mental health problems (good for you, and long may it continue).  But I can’t think of any good reason to not support their work.  Check out their website:

And in case you’re not all that bothered about clicking on my sponsorship plea link, check out the weird stuff I’ve promised to do at each funding milestone, and see if you still feel that way:

  • When I raise £100, I will dye my hair bright purple.
  • When I reach £250, I will wear this purple dragon onesie for the whole week after the event: Zicac Unisex Adult Anime Cosplay Costumes Onesie Children and Adult Pajamas Pyjamas Sleepwear Nightclothes Cosplay Gift For Hallowmas (Adult Height 160-169cm(63″-66.5″), Purple Dragon)
  • At £500, we’re doing seriously well.  If I raise this much, I will wear my pants outside my trousers, and a cape, for every day since the target is reached until the day of the run.
  • For £1000 in donations, I will bake or buy a cake to be shared among my donors and their friends every day for the two weeks following the target being met.
  • £1500 would be amazing!  If we can do that, I will eat only purple food for a month (this includes dyeing regular food purple, so I won’t end up malnourished!).
  • If I reach £2000, not only will I be seriously pleased and astonished, but I will also bestow the honour on you of designing a tattoo that I promise to get tattooed somewhere on my body!  When the £2000 target is reached, I will open a competition for you to submit your designs, and I will put all the entries on this website and let you (and anyone else who’s looking) vote on the preferred image!

Exciting, huh?  So if you want to see a tattoo competition (and photos of the outcome!) on my website, you’d better be generous!

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