This year I didn’t have the time to spend searching for presents, although I really, really wanted to.  If you’re special enough to buy a present for, then I want to take my time thinking of what to buy you.  If its rushed, it’s not as good, no matter how spectacular the present.

I’d been given a little bit of a break this year, as me and Mr. Science Gentleman spent Christmas Day apart.  Not much of a reprieve, seeing as this actually afforded me roughly 2 hours additional shopping time.  Some necessary thinking time, though.

I went for the practical angle on this one, because I wanted to give a present that was actually useful.  And something that I’d be happy with if I was the recipient.  Turns out I was able to get a gift that would benefit both gifter and giftee (yes, I bought something for myself – don’t tell me you’ve never done this).  I have surely sustained multiple neck and back injuries from sleeping in his medieval torture device of a bed, so some nice fluffy pillows were number one on his gift list.  Nice, posh ones filled with duck feathers, too.

Second on the list was some very, very, practical socks. The good thing is that he asked for them, the bad thing is that some other considerate relative got in there before me, with some almost as stylish and well-chosen as the ones I bought.  Phew, think I got away with it!

And third, something a bit more personal.  I provided a framed photo of the two of us and our monkey… no that’s neither innuendo nor a real monkey.  It’s a PG Tips cuddly one, whose mouth I have a strange compulsion to put things in.  Um.


But then! Mr. Science Gentleman gave me the most whimsical and romantic gift I could imagine.  Thought I was the frivolous one.  I’ll talk about that in another post (way into the future) because it has a long story attached to it…

POST SCRIPT: I’ve had the best five nights’ sleep of my life. My tactics paid off.

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