In a previous post, I wrote about what it means to (not) eat an elephant, or boil the ocean.  And now I have a practical solution to my problems – which I’d love to share with you!

It’s not just the app in question I’m talking about, it’s the way that I use it.  I recently found this blog post at Better Humans, on an alternative way to make to-do lists.

Their idea is to keep a to-do list with only a few small tasks on it, and to tick things off and add new things as the day progresses. It’s all about Living In The Now. Their article says you can complete more than 100 tasks in a day, and I do think that’s pretty optimistic, but I have only been using the method for one day.

And here’s what I do differently: I am adding future tasks to my to-do lists, and recurring tasks (such as every three days write a new post, etc), but I’m breaking them down into short, discrete activities. I also only concentrate on getting things done and then moving on to another small task. If a task requires more attention, I break it down further. And then I have the satisfaction of crossing more things off the list!

I’m using a web-based program called Remember The Milk, which also has an app for iOS and Android, so I can take my lists wherever I go.  Oh yeah, did I say list(s)? Remember The Milk is far more sophisticated than merely a tick-list: you can have many lists with different titles, and it’s possible to add notes to individual tasks.  It has a ton of other productivity tools, mostly with the premium version, for those who crave more than the mere satisfaction of checking items off the list.

And that’s one of my deviations from the rules.  I have so much to do that it’s easier to break it down into categories, with one list for each. As long as I fight the small battles, I’m on to a winner!

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