This is a very useful tip suggested to me by one of my first-degree uni mates.  It’s quite an obscure and specific one, but it solves an age-old student dilemma: what to do with half-consumed cans of baked beans.

Take a look at the picture to the right. The can of dee-lish Heinz baked beans is almost the same size and shape as the tin of Kenco Millicano next to it.

The bean can is half-full, because I’ve enjoyed a Beans On Toast For One.  So I could just bung it in the fridge door as is, leaving it to stink out the fridge, or construct a neat little tin foil hat for it (stylish, but like all tin foil hats, not very functional).  I might even decant the contents into a tupperware box (yeah, right).

The two staple components of my diet
beans and coffee


You often hear that it’s a bad idea to leave open cans of things in the fridge – why is this? Some people say that the food will react with the metal on the inside of the can once it’s been opened, either giving it a bad taste, or causing everything from metal poisoning to botulism.  There’s plenty of discussion about this on the Internet (not exactly a surprise), but I usually just assume that it’s good for a couple of days as long as it’s covered.  You can make your own mind up about this – I ain’t doling out food hygiene advice here.

So given that I don’t have a problem with leaving things in cans for a couple of days in the fridge as long as they’re covered, imagine my joy when I learnt this neat little trick:

Take the flexible plastic lid from your empty tin of Kenco Millicano, and apply it to the top of the bean can. The lid will form a seal under the lip at the top of the can, making it airtight. Happy beans, and a non-stinky fridge. Just don’t forget about them or it will be properly gross when you rediscover them!

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