hug mug I made a sound investment today, with my Hug Mug purchased from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons at Manchester University. I now have a portable coffee cup, and even better, it serves as a thinly-disguised sippy cup for adults – something I have been waiting for since the age of about 5 years. I can now safely transport my hot beverages, and avoid spilling my drink down my front (this still happens, and I’m in my 30s. It’s probably downhill from here anyway).

It’s made of plastic with a rubber insulated panel, and it has an easy-to-seal lid (very important, as disposable lids are the bane of my life). It cost me £6, and it gets me a 20p discount on coffees purchased in university buildings – so it will have paid for itself in 30 uses (so after about a week then). And I can use it for cheapo instant crap too – no-one can tell but me! Of course, the 20p saving is a great incentive to not fill the environment up with discarded paper cups (or worse, polystyrene), but it saves the university a bit of money too, which they pass back to consumers.

Mine is the same brand as the one in the ad above, but it looks like you have to spend a bit more online for the colourful options available in the link.

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