Wow, I sure haven’t posted for a while!  Things have been pretty tough for me the last couple of months, with everything seeming either mentally or physically exhausting, or both.  And when this happens I sort of withdraw into myself, and do the bare minimum to get by.  With a reduced number of spoons, I have to use them wisely.

But now things seem to be improving for me, and I feel more able to do all those things I had exciting plans for. Like:

  • Blogging about all the things on my list (seriously, I have about 200 draft posts in the queue, some almost finished, some just a title).  Maybe I can go back and fill in the gaps since the end of September – although I will still have plenty of material to carry me on for three years minimum with the backlog.
  • Actually selling some stuff on my etsy page.  I’m thinking about creating a tattoo art shop, mainly selling flash and  prints (I’m not qualified to tattoo… yet).  And maybe promoting my cafepress store a bit better.  Hmmm.
  • Finally getting my Northern culture blog going.  It’s going to be good, and will celebrate all things from the North of England, from the obvious to the obscure.
  • Redrafting my first year report and actually doing my year one viva.  Remember this post?  Full of hope, and with a date set, I was ready to get stuff done and breeze into second year.  Didn’t happen.  My day job became more intense, I became iller, and I started to shut down.  But, being self-funding, and having the world’s most laid-back supervisor (this has its pros and its cons), I got to take my time and get back on my intellectual feet.  Blogging’s not the only thing I took a break from.
  • Reconnecting with friends.  When I feel low, my natural reaction is to go away and hide.  This is actually a really bad idea.  Withdrawing myself from other people reinforces the reason I feel so crappy in the first place.  Forcing myself to do something I like brings my mood up, gets me back into a good routine, and always makes me feel glad I made the effort.  But it does feel like an effort, and I have become a pro at putting off things that I know I need to do.
  • Carry on getting better.  I know that I might lapse at times, like the last few months, and that I can’t predict when or why it will happen.  But I know it will pass, and the trend is upwards overall.

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