Anyone remember the hilariously inappropriate bedtime recording by Samuel L. Jackson of Go The F*** To Sleep by Adam Mansbach?  Well, I feel like I’m living a version of this, in a battle of wills against my naughty child brain.  The rational me wants to have a proper bedtime routine, with things happening at the usual time of day, to have a normal body clock, to be able to cope with the demands of everyday society (not fit in, I definitely do not want to Fit In).  And the loud and pushy irrational me is excitable and tense, worrying that there is still more to do today, and it all has to happen RIGHT NOW OR ELSE BAD THINGS. And it’s All The Things.  Never any one thing is more important, my mind is like a butterfly, catching the last precious minutes of the day and stretching them into hours.

I struggle with this procrastination routine every night.  It’s like I am frightened to put the day to rest, not fully realising that I have another day tomorrow.  And if I could only get up on time, I could do all the important stuff then.

And just for all the new parents, insomniacs, and those with a dark sense of humour, here is Mr. Jackson’s soothing voice for your pleasure and amusement.  Sweet dreams.

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