I’ve been having many, many issues with the previous WordPress theme (Twenty Fourteen) – see here for just one of the problems I found with it. It was just so inflexible, and there weren’t any easy ways to do the things I wanted to do with it.  I needed to make changes to individual .php and .css files, and even using plugins wasn’t as successful as it should have been.  It just wasn’t compatible with anything, and I haven’t quite got my head around using child themes yet (I will get there but for now I’m something of a WordPress Learner).

I want a theme that I can manipulate easily through the default menus and any simple and suitable plugins.  So I’ve moved to GeneratePress.  Occasionally I will find a function that I might need to manipulate the code for, but the GeneratePress developers offer a series of (paid-for) add-ins that will do most things, and I find this theme works well with the plugins I want to use.  I’ve moved over to this theme on a professional blog that I write for, and it seems to be a better fit with the look I’m aiming for.  I hope you like it!

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