I’ve been struggling with keeping on top of my research of late; my health’s not been brilliant, and I’ve had a lot of projects to get done in the run up to the end of the year.  I only officially handed in my end-of-year-one report the Monday before Christmas (it was a whole three years in the making), and I was worried that I might drop out, but also really sick of the whole damn thing.  While my ability to get the job done has been massively impacted by external factors, I found the literature review component of my studies to be a real drag.  I know how important it is to assess the present state of research and knowledge, so that I will have a firm foundation upon which to build.  But I really wanted to skip that bit and jump into the independent research stage!

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone else is quite as excited about transferring into the second year of a Ph.D as me, but I’m sure that with this level of new-found enthusiasm, nothing could possibly go wrong (extremities crossed!).  And now the fun stuff really starts.  And I’ve had a few very exciting things happen to keep my interest buoyed:

  • I submitted abstracts to two more conferences, and so far have had one accepted;
  • I’m assembling the structure of my first research paper;
  • And I published a referenceable work and created my first, proper, academic research profile!

If you’re a seasoned academic, you’ll see that these are just baby steps.  I am a curious toddler in a world full of adults.  But my childlike excitement for novelty is my gift – I’m in awe of what’s been achieved before me, and of what I can achieve in my research career.

You can find my ResearchGate profile here, and my first published work (originally created in June 2016) here.

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