These are the University halls on Grosvenor Street, where I spent my first full year in Manchester.  When I lived there, these halls were still part of UMIST, which merged with the Victoria University of Manchester in 2004.  That was 15 years ago, and now the last residents have left and there is fencing and warning signs to keep people out.  They’re being demolished this summer to make way for the new engineering campus to be built on the site bounded by York Street, Grosvenor Street, Booth Street East and Brook Street.

Viewed from Grosvenor Street, opposite the gym
Viewed from Grosvenor Street, opposite the gym

The back of the building - my old kitchen window is next to the tree on the second floor from the top
The back of the building – my old kitchen window is next to the tree on the second floor from the top

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  1. I stayed at H/B2 GP between September 1978 and June 1979. My room was right at the corner and looked out directly to Grovenor Street. Quite good memories of the times there. While most other sections had like 14 or 16 rooms, we had just 9, reason being that the remaining space was the warden’s apartment. Having less rooms meant less students using the common kitchen. During the winter break, even less students, almost my personal kitchen. Of course GP had excellent central heating. Rent was just under 11 quids. And Thursdays was when we exchanged our sheets for clean ones from the porter.

    Won’t forget the long corridors we had to go through from the entrance and worse if we were to visit students at end such as those at A or B. And back then we had 2 TV rooms and a somewhat large laundry room in the basement near the entrance. My sweater left to dry was unfortunately stolen from there. I had my weekly dose of Top of the Pop.

  2. Had some friends staying in adjacent Bowden Court. Newer and better than GP.

    GP was perfect because it was just a short walk to EE on Brunswick St. Some of my classmates had to travel by bus from the halls in Fallowfield.

    The University Precinct was brand new then, and I had my account at the precinct’s Natwest branch.

  3. Just visited MCR with my daughter for the University Open Day. Not my first time back in Manchester but my first visit to the University for since graduating 30 years ago. Wow! The changes. “And round this corner is where I lived in my first year… oh, it’s gone!”. And that’s how I ended up on this blog so thanks for that.

    Happy memories of Grosvenor Place, and room CF2 to be absolutely precise. It was a great location for access to the campus and city centre. A short stagger home from The Ritz or the Hacienda or “Alternative Nights” at the Cellar Disco in the Union or Friday night at the Poly. They weren’t the best halls and certainly lacked the kudos of Whitworth Park or the “crazy freshers” vibe of OP but they did the job. And from there on to a sharing a house with GP mates at 106 Dickenson Road in Rusholme which is still just about standing up, amazingly. Good times.

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