I wrote about the demolition of the Grosvenor halls of residence in an earlier post, END OF AN ERA 1.  Today, I was walking to my office after attending a training session at University Place (this is going to be one for a future post), when I was stopped by a woman looking into the Grosvenor complex from Booth Street East.  She asked me some questions about what was going on, and I explained that they had started demolishing the halls about 4 weeks previously (at the moment, they’ve done some groundworks around the front of Grosvenor Place, on York Street, and they appear to have started taking the roof off of Bowden Court).

She told me that she was also a UMIST graduate, and that she had also lived in these halls.  She had been away for a long time (20 years!), and she was checking out her old haunts to see what thinhgs were like now.  We got talking and shared some stories of what it was like to live here.  She used to go out with someone who worked in the building opposite, and they’d wave to each other through the high-level windows across the service road.  And I used to sit in my room at night, watching the colours change on the UMIST sign next to the weather station on the top of the Maths and Social Sciences building.

We parted at the path that takes you across Brook Street to the rest of the North campus.  She wanted to get some photos of the site, and I had work to do.  But it was great to chat and reminisce with someone who I’d never met before, but shared the same experience as me.

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