When it comes to personal organisation, I have a very traditional way of doing things.  Or, more honestly, a totally disjointed and ill-thought-out way of doing things.

I have a iPhone, Outlook calendar, Facebook events schedule, Meetup calendar, volunteer work rota and BGG event listings.  None of which are synced with each other, or with the two paper diaries I own.  And this is where my most recent bit of trouble began.

I cherish my old-fashioned paper diary.  It comforts me to write down important appointments, and it is deeply satisfying to cross things off of the endless lists I scribble down in there.

I had recently transferred my outstanding commitments from the end of last year into my brand-new 2014/15 academic diary with a heartfelt sense of pride. I’d begun to add items from my many online calendars, and I was feeling super-organised!
Then disaster struck: I lost my diary.

It’s been this way for about three weeks now, and I’ve finally admitted that it is now “presumed dead” rather than simply “missing”.  So what’s the next step for me?  Sync all my calendars? Embrace the Apple way of life?  Not a chance; I’m off to WH Smith to get myself a new paper diary.

POST SCRIPT: Here’s the rather snazzy Letts 2015 diary that I purchased for £9.99. And here’s the original academic diary that I subsequently found 10 minutes after returning to the office with my new one. Gah! Diary

Fortunately said retailer was willing to refund me when I explained my predicament.  Shame they’re not as responsible in their purchasing choices (yes, they had it on sale in my chosen branch – looks like I’ll be switching to a different newsagent).

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