I’m in favour of the Northern Hub rail development, and I’m quite excited about it connecting The North, especially Manchester.  In terms of how I feel about development generally, I’m not sentimental about it at all.  I work in construction, I accept that things change, and I know that in order to progress as a society, we have to make sensible decisions about our infrastructure.  So no problems there.

These trees are apple trees grown from graftings descended from the apple tree under which Isaac Newton is said to have formulated his theory of gravity.  They are on the old UMIST campus and I always thought that these were one of the coolest pieces of scientific history on site.  They do not bear fruit, but they are interesting just because of where they came from.

 Newton's apple trees  Newton's apple trees
The notice in this photo (right) is one of the notices that the council puts up whenever there is a planning matter that affects the local community.  It was fixed to a lighting standard near to the trees.  New lines will run right through the plot, alongside the existing viaduct (112 in the diagram, right).  It’s pretty unlikely they could do this without uprooting my special trees.  Blub. Northern Hub

Overall, I’m still in favour of the development.  If we allow sentimentality to rule, then we will never build anything new, or enhance our infrastructure to keep up with the needs of modern society.  But it has to be sensible though.  The planning system might well need to be reformed, but not at the expense of less tangible benefits, like culture, community and architectural history.

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