Well, sort of. A month with no coffee at all would be ridiculous! I’m talking about Coffee Shop Coffee, of which I consume an awful lot. In the month of May 2015, I spent an alarming £40.70 in Starbucks, Costa, Nero et al. And so for the whole of July, I am only going to consume cheapo instant filth. Hell, I drink enough of it as it is, so I’m largely immune to its effects.

And if I can hack it, each month I’m going to shove £40.70 into savings straight after payday. Then my posh coffee fund is depleted before I’ve even caught a whiff of freshly-ground beans… well, maybe this would only work if my coffee addiction was so severe as to drive me to destitution. But it’s a positive step, right?

I’m also going to keep a graph of my coffee-drinking exploits (we once did this to a colleague, with hilarious results), because, as I said in another post, I freakin’ love graphs. And I can calculate potential savings. Honestly, this feels like an achievement before I’ve even started.

See you in a month for part 2!

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